Ritual to the Great Beast: Special Edition

by Yeti

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Special extended version of "Ritual to the Great Beast".
Nine insane tracks combining the blistering speed of grindcore with the thick tones of sludge metal. Additional tracks provide an alternate theory on the origin of the Yeti.

Special Features:
additional tracks
track informational papers (origins of the Yeti)
Tunguska photos
alternate cover art
"Yeti vs. Teddy" desktop wallpaper


released January 14, 2014

UFO- vocals, drums
Frosty the Snowman- guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, Mex. drum
General MIDI- drum programming

Label: Rhino Records




Yeti Marietta, Georgia

Experimental death/grind duo from the Himalayas.

Frosty the Snowman

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Track Name: Unidentified Flying Yeti
look up before you die
into the sky our cattle are consumed
flying disc
way up high
unknown sentient beings
in the sky both day and night

you are nothing compared to us
we are superior
we shall now subject you
but beware
for there is one among us who will stop at nothing...

they are our masters
great hairy aliens
they came and conquered
and then they fled
but one remained
to torment us forever
we call him the yeti
Track Name: Extinct
one remained
he told us a tale
it was a story
of such grand scale
of witches and wizards
monsters and dragons
and of yetic peoples
who ruled quite fair

yetic tales
yetic tales

these tales he tells
we cannot understand
kill is not
a word we know

he takes my hand and taps my brain
i see what he thinks and it all becomes clear

the yetic peoples destroyed themselves
they abused each other
or as they called it, slay and chuck
they spread diseases amongst themselves

now we know of these great evils
he enduces us to follow suit
Track Name: Transmogrified
the great yeti, he looks so strange
lets mock him and cast him out

the hairy beast looks so strange
but what is this?
look how he sheds

yetic beast sheds his fur
takes on the form of one of us

now the yeti is a man
walks and talks like all of us
but when he sees a lone victim
he grows his fur, full yeti on

now he is like one of us
we cannot trust any guardsmen
we know one thing, that is his name
a wretched name to be forever feared

the yeti
Track Name: Dominion
a great beast walks amongst mankind
they know nothing but its great power

toil and labor all day long
do what the master tells you to
we are the slaves, he is the driver
he has dominion over all mankind

sacrifice demanded
little pearls
fork them over
Track Name: Banished to the Mountain Cave
come, brother, humanity
rise up against the master
the foul yetic beast has tried to rule
now its time to say enough
we will not bow down
to the hairy one again
send him to the mountain cave
there he will forever stay

mankind, what have you done?
cast out your grand master
a grave mistake, a debt to pay
but i'll strike a deal with yee
i will go into the cave
atop the mountain high
but in return you shall pay
with human sacrifice
Track Name: T.M.Z.
i am alone
nowhere to go
sad and distraught
on this thirty mile strip
cast out, depraved
chosen one hear my cry

i curse this ground i walk on
the wrath of my hairy master be upon me soon
wailing and crawling
dragging my own corpse
dejected and bawling
a pathetic excuse of a man

i am regurgitated by the society from whence i came
hollow shell
fated for this ancient ritual of loneliness
Track Name: Population Boom (Genocide)
the yeti mates
population boom
rise up my brothers
we can't let 'em spread

axes, knives, anything sharp
bullets in guns, let the killing begin
don't hold back, shoot 'em dead
massacre the beasts, before we're overrun

genocide the beasts
leave none alive
genocide the beasts
we'll share a carnal feast
Track Name: Accepted Theory of the Tunguska Event Disproven by the Existence of the Sasquatch
blue light, so bright, falls from the sky
in fright take flight
flee for your life
will we ever see light ever again?
shock waves dig our graves
we're doomed

light from the heavens
demon in the night
бога свет
демон ночи

walking through the forest
leveled to the ground
searching for the answers
what have we found?
look into the crater
hairy beast in sleep
poke it with a big stick
what have we done?